Enhancing the R&D ecosystem to propel Malaysia as a global biotechnology hub
Biotechnology for economic growth and environmental sustainability
Promoting the nation’s prosperity through biotechnology
Implementation of STI towards the creation of a scientifically advanced nation
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Agro-Biotechnology Institute (ABI) undertakes Research, Development and Commercialization projects related to agro-biotechnology in cooperation with various universities, research institutions and industry players.

Role & Funtions 

  • Generating technology, knowledge and products from R&D in agri-biotechnology for agricultural development;
  • National referral centre for agro-biotechnology;
  • Generate highly specialized human capital  for sustainable development of agri-biotechnology industry;
  • Linking Malaysia in various network and organization at the international biotechnology; as well as strengthen existing networks and relationship among local organization of agricultural biotechnology 

Dr. Seetha Jaganathan King

Director of Agro-Biotechnology Institute

Agro-Biotechnology Institute, Malaysia (ABI),
National Institutes of Biotechnology Malaysia,
C/O MARDI Headquaters,
43400 Serdang Selangor,