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Tiger Milk Mushroom (Tuber)

Tuber/sclerotium of Tiger Milk Mushroom has been scientifically proven to contain various biologically active substances including flavo-noids, terpenoid, polysaccharides and glyco-peptides that demonstrate significant anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-proliferative and immuno-modulating effect.

Tiger Milk Mushroom (Powdered Form )

The crude powder of this mushroom has been sold as a health supplement to maintain gen-eral health, strengthen immune system, respir-atory health concern, cough, allergy and joint pain.

SMART Mushroom House

The installation of sensors to control temperature and humidity parameters through the water flow adjustment, as well as an automatic fan system, ensure the production of high quality mushrooms.


Rhinobooster is a product containing extract of tuber from our in house cultivated tiger’s milk mushroom. Each bottle of Rhinobooster healthy drink contains 50 mg of freeze dried polysaccharide-rich extract to boost body im-mune system and also as an antioxidant agent.

LiPro®5000 Workstation

LiPro®5000 Workstation is a versatile liquid propagation system / low cost bioreactor sys-tem for growing various types of organs and tissues such as mycelium and young seedlings.

Agarwood Inoculum

Production of inoculum formulation as inducer for formation of agarwood in Aquilaria trees. This formulation can be injected into the Aqui-laria trees from the age of 2 years and above. This inoculum may plays the roles of interac-tion with the trees and spread to form resin.

FIZZY ANNONA: Soursop Extract With Kacip Fati-mah Herbs

FIZZY ANNONA contains refreshing soursop (Annona muricata) fruit extract as the main ingredi-ent. Soursop fruit is high in vitamin C, fibre, Phos-phorus, Calcium and Fructose. FIZZY ANNONA en-hanced by infusing soursop with local traditional herb "Kacip Fatimah"(Labisa pumila) in the effer-vescent granules cater specially for women.

CSF Media

Liquid media for Lactic Acid Bacteria


A Silage Fermentation Enhancer


dnaKU is a product that will unlock your DNA code and provide to you an inessential information that will guide you with your diet, nutrition, exercise and day to day activities. Your genetic code will be ana-lyze to genome wide association study that are con-sisting 70,000 of genetic marker. All of the genetics marker consisting of diseases, physical traits and unique traits.

HydraFAST Effervescent Tablet

HydraFAST Effervescent Tablet is new formula containing a balanced combination of Carica papaya leaf extract, lactose, acid, base and electrolytes. The fast soluble tablet replenishes water and electrolytes lost thereby help main-tain a proper body fluid balance. When dis-solved in water, the green tablet forms a char-treuse colour solution.

IPharmatix® Spa Kit

IPharmatix® Spa Kit is developed to offer choice to the consumers that prefer natural skincare ingredi-ents. This spa kit is prepared using natural and as-sured safe ingredients to use. The main component of this kit is the cosmetic base (Hamin), which was produced using 100% palm oil.

Carica Scrub

This gorgeous Carica scrub suitable for both face and body offers an abundance benefits to your skin. Formulated mainly using our unique natural pharmaceutical and cosmetics base made from palm oil and kernel oil components and derivatives as well as natural papaya seed oil and granules, this scrub will not only remove surface impurities but also will leave skin feel-ing nourished and moisturised.

Hand Sanitizer

Instant antimicrobial disinfectant with per-fumed moisturizer.

ZANTHOpalm Nutrition Drink

ZANTHOpalm is a new innovative nutrition drink containing Standardized Curcuma xanthorrhiza blending with our in-house 100% natural recipe. The soluble granule has synergistic effect for sustaining good health. It’s a granule form is to be dissolved in water and use as daily refresh-ment.


RapidRAW™ is a newly develop kit to deter-mine pure and artificial honey. This kit are able to produce result in less then 5 minutes & 99% accuracy.

Halal Formulated for Fish Feed Pellet

Feed pellet formulation is essentially applied nutri-tion. Precise understanding of these terms is essen-tial to their correct nutrient requirements.

Nutritional Supplements for Animal and Aquaculture Feed

Trace minerals, minerals, amino acids and vita-mins help animal and aquaculture species im-prove performance in a variety of important ways including optimal growth, immunity and reproduction.

FIZZY ANNONA: Soursop Extract With Mas Cotek Herbs

FIZZY ANNONA contains refreshing soursop (Annona muricata) fruit extract as the main in-gredient. Soursop fruit is high in vitamin C, fi-bre, Phosphorus, Calcium and Fructose. "Mas Cotek" (ficus deltoidea) is another medicinal local herbs that can be consumed by both men and women who want to remain active and healthy.

Silage Starter Kit

Plant Seedlings From Plant Tissue Culture

LabSensor LabSensor is a remote smart monitoring system that run 24/7. LabSensor are able to monitor tem-perature from -200◦C to 1000◦C. LabSensor are able to monitor various type of machine as long as it has digital panel display. LabSensor can alert us-er via message and fake call is the monitored ma-chine had any problem.

GeoDB: Geobacillus mahadia Geo-05 Database

Geobacillus mahadia a new bacterial species isolated from a hot spring in Malaysia at a tem-perature of about 102°C. DNA sequences of these bacteria have found many enzymes that can be used in the industry. This bio-database can be accessed via

SPF Quality Rodent

The facility capable in supplying SPF quality rodent, the 5 strains including Sprague Dawley, WKY rat, SHR, Balb/c mice and ICR, and non-rodent New Zea-land White rabbits. All these strains are high quality standard and commonly used in preclinical research and the pricing are very competitive as compared to the AAALAC accredited overseas sources.

Activate CII Facial Cleanser

Formulated mainly using our unique natural pharmaceutical and cosmetics base made from palm oil and kernel oil components and deriva-tives as well as activated carbon granules, it gently remove impurities leaving skin feeling moisturised and refreshed. With activated char-coal, this unique cleanser are able to perform deep cleansing by drawing dirt, oil and other harmful substances including makeup from clogged pores.

Insert Repelent

Specially formulated to repel mosquitoes.

Caricalyte ORS

Caricalyte ORS is a new oral rehydration salts formula containing a balanced combination of Carica papaya standardized leaf extract, glu-cose, salts and electrolytes. The soluble gran-ule replenishes water and salts and thereby helps maintain a proper fluid balance. When dissolved in water, the green granule forms a chartreuse colour solution.

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