Equipment and Intruments

Name of Equipment & ServicesPrice StructureInquiry
1Protean i12 (BioRad) / EttanIPGphor (GE Healthcare)Per runInquiry
2Mini Protean 3Per runInquiry
3Mini Protean TetraPer runInquiry
4Hoefer RubyPer runInquiry
5Protean II xiPer runInquiry
6Dodeca CellPer runInquiry
7DodecastainerOne day slot / Half day slotInquiry
8GS800 DensitometerPer scanInquiry
9Pharos FX Plus Laser ScannerPer scanInquiry
10SyngeneDyversity ScannerPer scanInquiry
11Progenesis LC-MSPer dayInquiry
12ProgenesisSameSpotsPer dayInquiry
13PD Quest AdvancePer dayInquiry
14EX Quest Spot pickerOne day slot / Half day slotInquiry
15Transblot TurboPer runInquiry
16Transblot SD Semi DryPer runInquiry
17Transblot CellPer runInquiry
18Transblot Plus CellPer runInquiry
19Protein identification via MALDI-ToF/ToFPer sampleInquiry
20Intact protein molecular weight determination via MALDI-ToF/ToFPer sampleInquiry
21Protein identification via NanoHPLC ESI MS/MS (Gel-plug)Per sampleInquiry
22Protein identification via NanoHPLC ESI MS/MS (Gel-band)Per sampleInquiry
23Protein identification via NanoHPLC ESI MS/MS (Complex protein, in solution)Per sampleInquiry
24Basic charge for nano LC-MS analysis (if negative result)Per sampleInquiry
25Data extraction / interpretation for MALDI / nano LC-MS systemPer hourInquiry
26Commasie blue stainedPer sampleInquiry
27Silver stainedPer sampleInquiry
28Electroporator (BioRad)Per dayInquiry
29PCR MachinePer hourInquiry
30Bioanalyzer (Agilent)DNA Per chip / RNA per chipInquiry
31Histology Processing System (Leica)
i) Tissue processerPer sampleInquiry
ii) Tissue embedding stationPer sampleInquiry
iii) MicrotomePer sampleInquiry
iv) Histology water bathPer sampleInquiry
v) Bio-imaging navigator microscopePer sampleInquiry
Automated Karyotyping
v) Bio-imaging navigator microscopePer sampleInquiry
32Automated KaryotypingPer sampleInquiry
33IVC Cages (GM500 & GR900)Per cage/dayInquiry
34Non Invasive Blood Pressure-CODA systemPer RunInquiry
35Microscopy : Confocal Microscope (Nikon A1+)Per hourInquiry
36Microscopy : Inverted Fluorescence Microscope (Olympus)Per hourInquiry
37Microscopy: StereoMicroscopePer hourInquiry
38Multimode Microplate Reader (Fluorescent/ Absorbance/ Luminescent ) (Perkin Elmer)Per plate for end point reading / Per hour for kinetic readingInquiry
39Freeze dryer 1 L (Labconco)Per hour / per dayInquiry
40Freeze dryer 6 L (Labconco)Per hour / per dayInquiry
41Ultracentrifuge Hitachi (max capacity: 10 x 2.0ml, max rpm: 140,000)Per usage/ runInquiry
42Large Volume Centrifuge (Avanti J- 20 XPI) – (max capacity: 6 x 250ml), max rpm: 14,000)Per usage/ runInquiry
43Hatchery AquaPer day / monthInquiry
44Cryo Tank (Liquid Nitrogen tank)- 50L,30LPer tankInquiry
45PulverizerPer hourInquiry
46MixerPer hourInquiry
47ExtruderPer hourInquiry
48Drying OvenPer hourInquiry
49Coating MachinePer hourInquiry
50LC- Q-Tof 6550 I Funnel (Agilent)Please contact us for more informationInquiry
51GC –Triple Quadrapole(Bruker)Per injectionInquiry
52GC- FID/QPer injectionInquiry
53Ultra Performance Liquid Chromatography (UPLC) (Waters)Please contact us for more informationInquiry
54Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (AKTA Purifier 900)Please contact us for more informationInquiry
55Centrifugal Partition ChromatographyPer sample/vialInquiry
56Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (Agilent 600/54)Please contact us for more informationInquiry
57Fourier Transform Infrared (Perkin Elmer)Per sampleInquiry
58Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometry (ICP-MS) AnalysisPer element/sampleInquiry
59ICP-MS Sample PreparationPer sampleInquiry
60ICP-MS Complete Analysis (Sample Preparation + Analysis) For sample more than 40Per element/ sampleInquiry
61Capillary ElectrophoresisPer sampleInquiry
62Rheometer (TA Instruments)Per sampleInquiry
63Atomic Force Microscope (EX 50 Park System)Per hourInquiry
64SFE (SFE Technologies)- 1L capacityPer hourInquiry
65Microwave Oven DigesterPer sampleInquiry
66Spray Dryer BuchiPer runInquiry
67ZetaSizer (Malvern)Per sampleInquiry
68Freeze dryer 4.5 L (Labconco)Per hour / dayInquiry
69Freeze dryer and 12 L (Labconco)Per hour / dayInquiry
70Spectrophotometer (Optizen)Per hourInquiry
71Colorimeter (Hunterlab)Per sampleInquiry
72UV Vis SpectrophotometerPer hourInquiry
73High Pressure Processing Machine (HPP)Per hourInquiry
74Pulsed Electric Field (PEF)Per hourInquiry
75Protein (Kjeldahl)Per sampleInquiry
76Crude Fat (Soxtherm)Per runInquiry
77MoisturePer sampleInquiry
78AshPer sampleInquiry
79Crude FibrePer SampleInquiry
80CarbohydratePer SampleInquiry
81Peroxide ValuePer SampleInquiry
82Iodine ValuePer SampleInquiry
83Acidity / FFAPer SampleInquiry
84Cloud PointPer SampleInquiry
85Color (Tintometer)Per SampleInquiry
Elemet analysis
86Arsenic (Ar)Per SampleInquiry
87Mercury (Hg)Per SampleInquiry
88Antimony (Sb)Per SampleInquiry
89Cadmium (Cd)Per SampleInquiry
90Plumbum (Pb)Per SampleInquiry
91Stanum (Sn)Per SampleInquiry
92Copper (Cu)Per SampleInquiry
93Zn (Zn)Per SampleInquiry
94Chromium (Cr)Per SampleInquiry
95CaPer SampleInquiry
96FePer SampleInquiry
97KPer SampleInquiry
98MgPer SampleInquiry
99MnPer SampleInquiry
100NaPer SampleInquiry
101TPCPer SampleInquiry
102ColiformPer SampleInquiry
103E.coliPer SampleInquiry
104Staph. aureusPer SampleInquiry
105SalmonellaPer SampleInquiry
106Yeast & MouldPer SampleInquiry
107Vitamin APer SampleInquiry
108Vitamin B1Per SampleInquiry
109Vitamin B2Per SampleInquiry
110Vitamin B3Per SampleInquiry
111Vitamin B5Per SampleInquiry
112Vitamin B6Per SampleInquiry
113Vitamin B9Per SampleInquiry
114Vitamin B12Per SampleInquiry
115Vitamin EPer SampleInquiry
116Vitamin CPer SampleInquiry
117Benzoic AcidPer SampleInquiry
118Sorbic AcidPer SampleInquiry
119Boric AcidPer SampleInquiry
120Sulphur DioxidePer SampleInquiry
121Total Dietary FiberPer SampleInquiry
122Water ActivityPer SampleInquiry
123Salt as NaClPer SampleInquiry
124DPPHPer SampleInquiry
125FRAPPer SampleInquiry
126Total Polyphenol (GAE) (Anti [o])Per SampleInquiry
127Fourier-Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)per sampleInquiry
128Flame Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (Flame AAS)per elementInquiry
129UV-Vis Spectrophotometerper sampleInquiry
130Polarimeterper sampleInquiry
131CHNS Elemental Analyzerper sampleInquiry
132Gas Chromatography – Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)per sampleInquiry
133Gas Chromatography – Flame Ionization Detector (GC-FID)per sampleInquiry
134High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)per sampleInquiry
135Differential Scanning Calorimeterper sampleInquiry
136Automatic Melting Pointper sampleInquiry
137Spot Centrifugal Partition Chromatography (CPC)per dayInquiry
138High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography (HPTLC)per plateInquiry
139Centrifugal Vacuum Concentratorsper hourInquiry
140Flash Chromatography (not include consumable)per dayInquiry
141Preparative HPLCper dayInquiry
142Supercritical Fluid Extractionper sampleInquiry
143Zeta Sizer Analyzerper hour/sampleInquiry
144Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometry (QTOF LC/MS)per sampleInquiry
145Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscopy (FeSEM)per sampleInquiry
146Stability Chamberper monthInquiry
147Recycling Prep HPLCper dayInquiry
148Microplate ReaderPer plate / per hour / per dayInquiry
149Spectrophotometerper hourInquiry
150Holomonitorper dayInquiry
151Extracellular Flux Analyzerper runInquiry
152Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate Polyacrylamide Gel Electrophoresis (SDS-PAGE)per hourInquiry
153Dry Blotting Systemper runInquiry
154High Content Screening Systemper hourInquiry
155Automated Liquid Handling Systemper hourInquiry
156Microplate washerper hourInquiry
157Confocal Laser Scanning Microscope System (CLSM)per hourInquiry
158Real-Time PCRper runInquiry
159Spectrophotometerper hourInquiry
160Chemiluminescene Imaging Systemper hourInquiry
161Bioanalyzer (without chip)per runInquiry
162Flow cytometerper hour / per session / per sample tubeInquiry
163High End Plate Reader (with stacker)per hourInquiry
164Fluorescence Microscopeper hourInquiry
165Port-A-Patch systemper hourInquiry
166Automatic Tissue Processorper runInquiry
167Paraffin Embedding Station with Cold Plateper hourInquiry
1683 Rotary Microtome, Floatation Bath & Flattening Tableper hourInquiry
169Autostainer with coverslippingper hourInquiry
170Hematology Analyzerper runInquiry
171Coagulation Analyzerper runInquiry
172Urine Analyzerper runInquiry
173High-throughput BLAST50 MbasesInquiry
174Raw NGS data pre-processing and QC500 GbasesInquiry
175Reference genome mapping5 Mbases / 5 GbasesInquiry
176Sequence clustering50 MbasesInquiry
177Reference transcriptome mapping5 Mbases / 5 GbasesInquiry
178Differential gene expression5 Mbases / 5 GbasesInquiry
179Denovo genome assembly (including scaffolding)5 Mbases / 5 GbasesInquiry
180Genome annotation5 Mbases / 5 GbasesInquiry
181Transcriptome annotation5 Mbases / 5 GbasesInquiry
182Genome / Transcriptome submission to NCBI5 Mbases / 5 GbasesInquiry
183Phylogenetic analysis5 MbasesInquiry
184Protein modelling300 AAInquiry
185SNP calling50 GbasesInquiry
186Personal Training (per hour or day)N/AInquiry
187Store Biospeciment plat -384 in -20Cper 5 yearsInquiry
188Store Biospeciment plat -384 in -80Cper 5 yearsInquiry
189Store Biospeciment in storeage tube in -20°Cper 5 yearsInquiry
190Store Biospeciment in storeage tube in -80°Cper 5 yearsInquiry
191-20°C rentalper yearInquiry
192-80°C rentalper yearInquiry
193DNA PCR-Free library prepper sampleInquiry
194RNA library prepper sampleInquiry
195Paired end seq run (2x100bp, single indexed)per laneInquiry
196Shotgun sequencingper sampleInquiry
197Paired end sequencingper sampleInquiry
19812000 DNA chipper chipInquiry
199High Sensitivity DNA chipper chipInquiry
200Nano RNA chipper chipInquiry
2011D LCMS/MS Protein Identificationper sampleInquiry
2021D LCMS/MS Protein Quantificationper sampleInquiry
203Direct Injection (Intact protein analysis)per sampleInquiry
204In-solution Protein Digestionper sampleInquiry
205Data Analysis (Reprocess)per sampleInquiry
206Protein Identificationper injectionInquiry
207Protein Quantification (Labeling)per injectionInquiry
208Protein Quantification (Label-free)per 3 injectionInquiry
209LCMS Quantitation Analysisper sampleInquiry
210LCMS Qualification Analysisper sampleInquiry
211MS-Direct Infuse Analysisper sampleInquiry
2121D 1Hper hourInquiry
2131D 13Cper hourInquiry
2142D 1H-1Hper hourInquiry
2152D 1H-13Cper hourInquiry
2162D 1H-15Nper hourInquiry
2173D 1H-!5N-13Cper hourInquiry
218PACKAGE 1: Microbial fermentation service (Bacteria & yeast)per liter (depend if need optimization)Inquiry
219PACKAGE 3: Molecular cloning & Microbial Fermentation Serviceper literInquiry
2201-LITER (Shake-flask)one off depend on scaleInquiry
2212-3 LITER (Bioreactor)one off depend on scaleInquiry
2224-5 LITER (Bioreactor)one off depend on scaleInquiry
223SDS-PAGEper runInquiry
224Western-Blotper runInquiry
225Protein Quantitation by BCA analysisper sampleInquiry
226MINIFORS Bioreactor (2-3 Litres)Per DayInquiry
227LABFORS Bioreactor (3-5 Litres)Per DayInquiry
228TECHFORS Bioreactor (10-15 Litres) or (16-20 Litres)Per DayInquiry
229Incubator ShakerPer DayInquiry
230Sonicator/HomogenizerPer DayInquiry
231Crossflow Filtration Unitper litreInquiry