Various Databases That Are Available To Be Used


Mynature 50,000

  • More than 500 plant samples from Malaysia
    (extracts in methanol/ ethanol solution) that are available for purchase.
  • Local plant extracts such as Kacip Fatimah,
    Dukung Anak, Misai Kucing and etc.
  • Application: To test on various biological assays to find therapeutic agents from natural resources.


  • 1st multi-ethnic human genome study of the Malaysian population using deep sequencing.
  • The data generated provide a better understanding of the genetic aspects of the Malaysian population.
  • Applications:
    1. Application in healthcare, precision medicine & etc.
    2. Learning a blueprint for building a person (genes and protein functions).
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Genome Computing Centre

  • The Genome Computing Centre (GCC) provides computing support for large- scale bioinformatics – genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics and integration analyses.
  • NIBM’s bioinformatic scientists specialise in various areas including RNA expression, comparative genomics, molecular dynamics and structural studies, with years of experience in their respective sub-fields.

Genomic Biobank

  • The Genomic Biobank Unit is a biorepository facility designated to store and manage biospecimens.
  • We optimally store samples in a controlled access room consists of 8 units Ultralow -80°C Freezers and 9 units -20°C Freezers with round-the-clock
  • We serve clients from both research communities and industrial partners.

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