Enhancing the R&D ecosystem to propel Malaysia as a global biotechnology hub
Biotechnology for economic growth and environmental sustainability
Promoting the nation’s prosperity through biotechnology
Implementation of STI towards the creation of a scientifically advanced nation
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NIBM is committed towards delivering industry-driven solutions through science & biotechnology towards a sustainable & thriving Malaysian bio-based economy.

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In 2005, the National Biotechnology Policy (NBP) was launched with the aim to make biotechnology as a new economic engine for the country. Among the many initiatives taken was to upgrade the three biotechnology cooperative centers (BCC) set up in 2002 into National Biotechnology Institutes in 2006. The BCCs were then named as Malaysian Institute of Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals (IPHARM), Agro-Biotechnology Institute Malaysia (ABI), and Malaysia Genome Institute (MGI).

Dimaklumkan bahawa talian telefon di Institut Genom Malaysia mengalami masalah kerosakkan teknikal. diminta pada sesiapa yang ingin menghubungi Institut Genom Malaysia boleh menghubungi kami mengunakan email contact.mgi[at]nibm.my

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Membekal Dan Menghantar Cecair Helium, Cecair Nitrogen, Gas-Gas, Silinder Serta Sewaan Tangki Bagi Tempoh Enam (6) Bulan Di Institut Genom Malaysia (MGI), National Institutes Of Biotechnology Malaysia (NIBM) (more)

Tarikh tutup : 20 Oktober 2020

Tawaran Sebut Harga
Perkhidmatan Penyelenggaraan Sistem Chiller Dan Pam Cooling Tower Serta Perkhidmatan Pembersihan Dan Rawatan Kimia Cooling Tower Secara One Off Di Institut Genom Malaysia, National Institutes Of Biotechnology Malaysia (NIBM) (more)

Tarikh tutup : 20 Oktober 2020

Redzuan Sofian
Redzuan SofianChief Executive Officer
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"We Bring Science in Biotechnology to the Marketplace Through the Nurturing Of Biotech Companies and Creation of A Holistic Ecosystem For The Industry’s Growth"
Dr. Seetha Jaganathan King
Dr. Seetha Jaganathan KingDirector of Agro-biotechnology Institute
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" Biology is the study of the complex things in the Universe. Physics is the study of the simple ones. If physics and biology one day meet, and one of the two is swallowed up, that one will be biology. "