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NIBM is committed towards delivering industry-driven solutions through science & biotechnology towards a sustainable & thriving Malaysian bio-based economy.

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In 2005, the National Biotechnology Policy (NBP) was launched with the aim to make biotechnology as a new economic engine for the country. Among the many initiatives taken was to upgrade the three biotechnology cooperative centers (BCC) set up in 2002 into National Biotechnology Institutes in 2006. The BCCs were then named as Malaysian Institute of Pharmaceuticals & Nutraceuticals (IPHARM), Agro-Biotechnology Institute Malaysia (ABI), and Malaysia Genome Institute (MGI).


Dr Seetha King
Dr Seetha KingDirector of Agro-Biotechnology Malaysia (ABI)
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"We Bring Science in Biotechnology to the Marketplace Through the Nurturing Of Biotech Companies and Creation of A Holistic Ecosystem For The Industry’s Growth"
Prof Madya Dr Mohd Ghows Bin Mohd Azzam
Prof Madya Dr Mohd Ghows Bin Mohd AzzamDirector of Malaysia Genome and Vaccine Institute (MGVI)
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" Biology is the study of the complex things in the Universe. Physics is the study of the simple ones. If physics and biology one day meet, and one of the two is swallowed up, that one will be biology. "
Malaysia Genetics and Living Culture Collection: Safeguarding Research, Development, Innovation And Commercialization Of Biological Materials (NEW) 1 year (2020)
2.  Program Pembangunan Mampan Benih Rumpai Laut Bagi Industri Aquakultur 3 years (2018-2020)
4. Establishment of a technology platform for pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals product development and national natural product repository R&D&C 2 years 2016-2018
DSTIN FLAGSHIP Program/ Pre-Commercialisation Projects (10th MP)
1. New Technologies for sustainable Bio-Economy : Construction of microbial Cell Biocatalyst for Production of Biobased Fine Chemicals. 2 years
2. Enhancing The therapeutic potential of rAF Newcastle Disease Virus Cancer Vaccine. 2 years
3. Development of a natural products library from Malaysian biodiversity for systematic discovery of potential active therapeutic agents for obesity  3 years
4. Drug-drug and Drug-herb interactions screening platform, a comprehensive high throughput safety testing service for drugs, nutraceuticals and standardized herbal medicine in IPharm  3 years
5. Development, Evaluation And Integration of Innovative Tools To Reduce Dengue Morbidity And Mortality In Community  3 years
6. Enhancing the Productivity of Farm Buffalo (Bubalus Bubalis) Through Modification of Rearing Practices 3 years
1. Structural Genomics of the Extremophilic Microbes Leucosporidium antarticum and Bacillus lehensis G1 Monash University (Prof. Jamie Rossjohn)
2. New Technologies for Sustainable Bio-Economy: Construction of Microbial Cell BioCatalyst for Production of Biobased Fine Chemicals  Concordia University, Montreal, Canada (Prof. Adrian Tsang)
1. Penentuan Profil Metabolite Madu Kelulut  2015
2.  Teknologi DNA & GPS Terhadap Koloni Kelulut 2016
3. Projek The Innovative “eco- ‘CLEAN’” Support Program 2015
4.  Projek The Natural Cosmeceutical Formulation Workshop 2015
5.  Projek The Eco-candle Making 2015
6. Cosmeceutical workshop with Cymbopogon nardus: Natural Product Invention 2017
7. Smart System Mushroom House for Oyster Mushroom Cultivation 2015
8. Pembangunan Sistem Fertigasi Bagi Penanaman Tanaman Herba Kaempferia parviflora Secara Berskala Besar 2015
9. Program Teknologi Kultur Tisu Tumbuhan Untuk Usahawan Muda Dalam Meningkatkan Ekonomi di Tuaran, Sabah 2016
10. Program Pembangunan Usahawan Desa Dalam Penanaman Cendawan di Kimanis, Papar, Sabah 2016
11. Program Penghasilan Makanan Ternakan Ruminan Kos Rendah dan Mampan Menggunakan Teknologi Silaj oleh Komuniti di Kawasan Padang Terap, Kedah 2017
12. Program pengeluaran benih kumpulan halia (Zingiber spp.) menggunakan teknik tisu kultur dan sistem fertigasi. 2017
13. Ternakan Ikan Patin Dalam Tangki Modular Terkawal 2017
1. Identifying the Novel Features of Diacylglyceryl Transferase (LGT) Membrane Enzyme in Leptospirosis – causing bacteria 2019-2021
2. Elucidation Of Crystal Structure And Function Of Enzymes With Phenol Removing Activity From Geobacillus. 2019-2022
3. Elucidation of the Mechanism of Action And Signal Transduction Pathway Activated by Two Natural Compounds with Anti- Diabetic Potential 2017-2020
4. Isolation and structure elucidation of bioactive compound(s) from khaya senegalensis (DESR.) A. Juss. Leaves with wound healing activity” 2019-2021
5. Mechanistic studies on the mode of actions of standardised bilimbi fraction and its natural compounds in brown fat differentiation program 2019-2021
6. Iron Biofortification Of Malaysia Rice Using Targeted Genome Editing Approach 2014-2016
7. Development Of New Strains Of Tiger Milk Mushroom (Lignosus Sp) 2014-2016
8. Determination the Effects of Indigenous Silage Bacteria and Its Associated Bacterial Communities using Conventional and Next Generation Sequencing Approaches Towards Improved Silage Quality 2018-2020
1. RapidRAW Screening Technology: Fake Honey Detection 2019-2021
1. Large scale production of tuber of Tiger’s Milk Mushroom (Lignosus rhinocerus) 2015-2017
2. Identification Of The Growth And Development Of Termitomyces Heimii 2015-2017
3. Proteomics Of Termitomyces heimii At Different Developmental Stage 2015-2017
4. Smart System For Shiitake Mushroom (Lentinula edodes) Cultivation 2015-2017
5. Development of Nutraceutical and Pharmaceutical Products for Therapeutic Indications or Disease of High Burden to Malaysia  2015-2018
1. Skim Sequencing Of 96 Heterotrigona Itama Genome (Grant Award by Illumina 2017) 2017-2018
1. Genome Sequencing of local isolates bacteria Lysinibacillus sp. and Enterobacter sp. UKM
2. Analisis Mikrobiom yang Terlibat dalam Patogenesis Ganoderma Boninense Terhadap Pereputan Pangkal Batang Pokok Kelapa Sawit, Elaeis guineensis UKM
3. Molecular Characterization of Familial Hypercholesterolemia (FH) in a Malay Population via Exome Sequencing UMBI
4. Proteomics Footprinting of Tecotrienols-treated Human Breast Cancer Cells. UM
5. Genomic Diversity of Malaysian Aborigine (Orang Asli). UMBI
6. Genome and transcriptome analyses of four Burkholderia pseudomallei isolated from Malaysia UKM
7. Genome Sequencing and Analysis of Rhodococcus sp. UNISEL
8. Comparative Genome Analyses and Phylogenomics Studies of Land and Marine Iguanas from the Galapagos Island UKM
9. Functional characterization of hypothetical protein from Burkholderia pseudomallei UKM
10. Structural Elucidation of Human APOBEC3B, a Cytosine Deaminase implicated in Cancer UTM
11. Elucidation of the Neuro – Regenerative Signaling Pathway in Diopatra Claparedii UMT
12. Unraveling the enzymes involved in dimerization of resveratrol. UiTM
13. Pemuliharaan Genetik Kelip-kelip Pteroptyx tener (Coleoptera: Lampyridae) di Kuala Selangor FRIM
14. Generation and Characterization of The Rafflesia Genome Sequence UKM
15. Soil microbiome analysis of oil palm for potential Basal Stem Rot disease control UPM
16. Comparative Genomics Of Rafflesia UKM
17. Highland Stingless Bee Identification And The Assessment Of Domesticated Stingless Bee At High Altitude UKM
18. Functional Studies of Mating Pheromones in Oil Palm Pathogen, Ganoderma boninense to Elucidate Its Pathogenicity  UKM
19. Targeted genomic Profile of Malay B-Thalassemia Patients by Using NGS  USM
20. Penghasilan Madu Premium Berasaskan Inovasi Mustafa-Hive dan Hilda-Sistem USM
21. Determination of Molecular Characteristics and Cytotoxicity of Polyphenol from Aquilaria sp. (Gaharu) as Lipase Inhibitor in Obesity Treatment UPSI
22. Visualization model of biocatalysis remediation by polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons-degrading enzymes through functional and structural characterization UPSI
23. Elucidation of structure and function of conserved hypothetical proteins related to thermal stress response in psychrophilic bacterium and yeast UMS
24. Mangosteen research sustainability using multi-omics integration and database development UKM
25. Projek FRGS-MRSA: Characterisation of nonporous biochar-derived adsorbents from tropical biomass UPM
26. Insights into the evolution of fiddler crab through whole genome comparison between Uca rosea with Uca annulipes USM
27. Role of recombinant protease derived from Malaysian belacan on eschar and biofilm removal for necrotic wound healing UTM
28. PCOS analysis LPPKN
29. Cell Permeability and Bioavailability Evaluation of Citropten and its Anti-Inflammatory Properties in a Rat  Model Inflammation IMR
30. Oral pharmacokinetic evaluation of freeze-dried Carica papaya leaves juice formulations in rats  IMR
31. The Possible Use of Mitochondria as Indicator in Production Yield and Abnormality of Oil Palm MPOB
32. Traceability and Authenticity of Honey and Kelulut Honey BKKM (MOH)
33. Development of entomopathogenic fungi as biocontrol agents against dengue vectors Swinburne University of Technology Sarawak Campus
34. Fitness assessment of dengue diagnostic methods for safe utilisation UM
35. Safety of blood and tissues supply UM
36. Dengue in marginalized populations UM
37. Point of care test (POCT) for Dengue UM
38. An integrated microfluidics system for rapid serotype-specific detection of dengue virus infection UM
39. Development of New Tools for the Diagnosis and Management of Dengue in Local Communities (CLINICAL) Monash University
40. Multi-Centre Field Trial diagnostic Kit for the Identification of potential severe dengue (PARA CLINICAL) UM
41. Production and trial use of Spokojan (Community Empowerment) UM
42. Design and synthesize lead compounds for anti-dengue based on the bioactive natural products and novel L-thionucleoside pyrimidine analogues using Vorbruggen Coupling Method UKM/USM
43. Elucidation of Immune modulatory molecules from Carica papaya extract against Dengue fever USM
44. Investigation of the effects of natural products in reducing the progression of atherosclerosis UMT
45. Progressing towards discovery of anti-infective entities from natural product: Elucidation of pathways involved in anti-infective using the Caenorhabditis elegans model system USM
46. Development of a natural products library from Malaysian biodiversity for systematic discovery of potential active therapeutic agents for obesity  UKM, USM, UM
47. Molecular Biopharming of Nipah Virus Surface Antigens for The Production of Recombinant Vaccine MARDI
48. Development of Vaccines Against H5N1 and Characterization of The Vaccine Induced Immune Responses and Immunity UPM
49. Advanced Reproductive Biotechnology of Seladang and Banteng MARDI
50. Application of Advanced Reproductive Biotechnologies for Breeding and Mass Propagation of Malayan Porcupine (H. brachyurus) PERHILITAN
51. Genetic Characterization and Intensive Breeding of Malaysian Barking Deer (Kijang) in Developing It As An Alternative Food Source, A Model for Ruminant Health Research and Agro-tourism UPM
52. Development and Evaluation of Fermented PKE Based Feed for Poultry and Fish MARDI
53. Bio-processed OPF as animal feed  MARDI
54. Bio-processed Palm Oil Mill Effluent (POME) for Poultry Feed MARDI
55. Development of A Recombinant Single Cell Protein Organism Capable of Bio-synthesizing High Unsaturated Fatty Acids as Feed for Aquaculture USM
56. Phylogenetics and Molecular Characterization of The Variant Surface Glycoproteins (VSGs), and Antigenic Repertoire of Trypanosoma evansi in Malaysia UPM
57. Process Improvement Of Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV) Vaccine Production In Bioreactor IIUM
58. Development of Diagnostic Kit for Detection of Nodavirus from Aquaculture Marine Fish UMS
59. Molecular Epidemiology and Pathogenesis of Streptococcus Infection in Caged-cultured Freshwater Fishes FRI
60. Production Red Fermented Rice as An Alternative for Feed Ingredients for Development Low Cholesterol Eggs and Low Cholesterol Prawns MARDI
61. Reproductive, Breeding and Culture Technologies for Commercial Production of Kelah, Tor spp. UPM
62. Development of Antioxidant-rich Products from Local Fruits MARDI
63. Molecular Markers for Quality Control of Clonal Oil Palm MPOB
64. Tissue-specific Regulatory Sequences and Transcription Factors from Oil Palm for Plant Genetic Engineering UPM
65. Genomics and Gene Discovery in Rubber LGM
66. Discovery of New Genes from Plants using Genomics And Bioinformatics MARDI
67. Suppression and Control of the Spread of Ganoderma Infection In Oil Palm UPM
68. Physiological Manipulations to Stabilize and/or Increase Bioactive Compounds in Phyllanthus sp. for Its Antiviral and Other Health Related Properties MARDI
69. Identification of Yield Related QTLs and Genes for Improvement of Malaysian Rice Cultivars UKM
70. Enhancement of Yield Potential of Malaysian Rice Through Incorporation of Photosynthetic Specific Genes from Echinochloa crus-galli MARDI
71. Production of Mass Culture Organism as Live Feed – Development of Photo-bioreactor for High Density Cell Cultivation of Marine Algae for Subsequence Use as Live Feed for Marine Fish Larviculture UNISEL
72. Multivariate Biotechnology Approaches with Artificial Propagations, Stock Enhancement for Sustainable Exploitation & Commercialization of Malaysians Stichopus spp. USM
73. Mass Fry Production Technology of Epinephelus sp (Grouper) UKM
74. Biotechnology and Genetics for the Improvement of The Malaysia Giant Freshwater Prawn (Macrobrachium rosenbergii) UMS
75. Development of corn silage based feed for beef cattle production UPM
76. Development of solid state and submerged fermentation technology for the production of Schizophyllum commune IIUM
77. Metabolomic study for The Development of Functional Foods with Anti-Diabetic Property UPM
78. Development of Bioactive Peptides as Food Ingredients from High-Protein Materials Using Nanocarrier Technology UPM
79. Bovine Sperm Sexing Using Flow Cytometry and Immunological Approaches UM
80. Development of Multiple Separation Techniques for High Fertilizing Capacity Bovine UKM
81. Evaluation of Bali cattle meat quality through biotechnological approach UPM




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