Mission & Vision


Catalyzing the creation of a globally competitive bio-technology industry in Malaysia through the timely roll-out of its industry aligned research programs, excellence of technical resources and efficiency of its SME commercialization centers.


To create bio-technology proof-of-concepts, technology building blocks and product platforms for local SME’s to develop and commercialize innovative products and services in the healthcare, agriculture and industrial biotechnology sectors.


1.    To act as a national centre focusing principally on RDIC of industrial, agriculture and healthcare biotechnology and bioinformatics knowledge and technologies, and become a national resource and reference centre to the Government.

2.    To mobilise expertise to support the R&D programmes to collaborate with MOSTI to pursue excellence in scientific discovery and technological development in Malaysia whilst at the same time to provide training facilities and programmes to all skilled workforce in cutting-edge technologies as well as to provide services in advanced techniques in the related fields.

3.    To provide a platform and act as a catalyst for the acceleration in growth of the Malaysian biotechnology industry and to undertake activities in promoting general and professional discussions and dialogues on important national and international issues and when necessary to co-ordinate with the relevant Government and non-government agencies to seek for financial support for such training facilities and programmes.